Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean is one of the leading names in Cruise travel and has been sailing people across the globe since 1968. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, it is the second-largest commercial cruise line in the world and offers cruises to several exotic and popular world destinations. Royal Caribbean Cruises employs over 77,000 people worldwide and earned over USD9.49 billion in revenue in 2018. The company has also grown tremendously over the

Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport – Home to Eccelsa Aviation

The Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is the gateway to the world-renowned Olbia and Costa Smeralda resort cities in Italy, which are some of the most exclusive and stunningly beautiful places to visit in all of Europe. The Costa Smeralda stretch was developed in the 1960s and is regarded as one of the architectural marvels of the world due to its classic design; the city is today a haven for the rich and

The rich cultural traditions of Marrakech

Marrakesh is an alluring imperial city in Morocco, filled with historic buildings, landmarks, sites and a rich cultural heritage. The mystique of the city attracts over two million visitors annually and Marrakesh is expected to continue to grow as a travel destination. We will highlight some of the luxuries and enchanting offerings of the city that makes it stand out as a destination. One of the most unique things about

The rising popularity of medical tourism

  The concept of medical tourism has been around for centuries and usually involved wealthy Europeans and Asians travelling to exotic destinations to take advantage of mostly mineral springs, which was thought to have curative powers. This type of travel was sporadic and exclusive to the wealthy few in these societies for the obvious reasons of cost and the length of time that it took to get to some of

Traveling In Style: Luxury Vacations

No matter where you'd like to go, or the type of vacation you're looking for, there's a luxury vacation waiting for you. Why consider a luxury vacation? It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you'll want to repeat. Luxury vacations offer a chance to see the world, yet get away from it all. Booking this type of vacation can be easy as well, with everything taken care of for you. The luxury

Discover Abu Dhabi: The Epitome of Luxury

Abu Dhabi is the biggest of seven emirates and the most popular whenever it comes to selecting an ideal holiday destination. The city provides a variety of attractions and those who have explored the attractiveness of this wonderful place have rejoiced in its glitz and glamour. There are many things one can do when they want to travel to this city. One can indulge in exciting activities such as desert

Barcelona Travel Guide

Barcelona, capital of the Catalonia region, is Spain's second largest city. It’s located in the northeast of the Mediterranean Sea, beside the Pyrenees Mountains. It has a population of more than 1.5 million people. Barcelona is a city more famous than Madrid which is the capital of Spain. In fact, it’s the most popular city in all of Spain. Catalonia is a polemic spot that has its language though the

A Holiday Rental in France: Perfect for the Travelling Golfer

If you’re a golfer who loves to travel, you’ll find plenty of exciting golf courses with one of the many golf holiday rentals in France. Whether you want to golf at only one course or cruise the French Riviera to various locations and courses, there are plenty of golf courses in France to fit your style. North and South France’s Finest France offers some of the finest golf courses, with

Golf Travel Cases, Protecting Your Valuable Equipment

Protection for your golf clubs should be in your priority when you are on a golf vacation. Quality golf clubs can cost more than a £1000. Sure you can purchase insurance to cover your loss or damage but new clubs will not have the same feel as your present set. A quality golf travel case would be also be good insurance a great safeguard for your golf equipment. Mobility, security,