Barcelona, capital of the Catalonia region, is Spain’s second largest city. It’s located in the northeast of the Mediterranean Sea, beside the Pyrenees Mountains. It has a population of more than 1.5 million people. Barcelona is a city more famous than Madrid which is the capital of Spain. In fact, it’s the most popular city in all of Spain. Catalonia is a polemic spot that has its language though the official languages in Spain are Catalan and Spanish. Catalan is not hard to know since it’s similar to Spanish.

Barcelona was initially named Barcino, after a Carthaginian ruler, Hamilcar Barca. It’s said to be established by Phoenicians and Carthaginians. It’s rich in history with the Romans and from regions to territories, the area extended to be recognized as Catalonia. Barcelona gained significance as a city during the 19th-century Business Revolution. Catalonia managed to reinstate its political authority to make Barcelona an interesting and relevant part of Spain.

Barcelona became more popular after hosting the 1992 Olympic Games. Its city streets are well planned with organized buildings and housing. The city center has its core avenue “La Rambla” running from its famous Square of Catalunya, all the way to the charming Old Port and Mediterranean waters. Barcelona has a string of excitement offerings every international or local visitor fascinating sights. Barcelona established itself as a relevant and important business center for Ceo of industries due to its historical links as well as its strategic location with surrounding areas. The beaches are outstanding destinations for all in Barcelona as the mild climate all year through, is very inspiring for a day out. Its temperature during summer makes Barcelona a favorite destination of fun, relaxation, and excitements.

There has never been a boring moment in Barcelona since there is so much to do, taste and see. Besides the overwhelming Holy Family Cathedral, Sagrada Familia, there is the also a prominent Gaudi’s works of Park Güell, which are eccentrically designed memorials of exceptional ceramic and stones that signify components of nature. For a time of excitements and fun, there is a serene park with a flamboyant walkway for a breath taking view of the city. There is no entry fee to visit the park, and it’s opened every day, it’s a good place to visit where you’ll enjoy and feel serenity of a park in the city.

For art fans, the famous Picasso Museum with Spanish masterpiece innovation is at the city center, near a few medieval palaces. The number of museums in Barcelona will occupy your time worthily. Barcelona is also well-known for its arts and culture creativeness with exceptional dance, music and dramatic events with the second largest Opera theatre, “el Liceu” on “La Rambla” street.

Nightlife is a distinctive and wonderful experience in Barcelona which anyone must not miss, with the different bars and restaurants providing wine and delicious dishes selection. You can enjoy Barcelona and its treasures by wandering through its streets during the day and night.

Photography: @Dariuszboron