If you are a frequent business or executive traveller, you are always seeking ways to travel as comfortably as possible while ensuring that you are kept abreast of all the happenings in your company and by extension, the general business world. In recent years, there has been the advent of some innovative technological features that allows for seamless travel and allows executives to get their job done while travelling all over the world. We will examine some of these creative new travel features that are making life easier for business travellers.
Probably the most significant innovation that has positively affected businesses travel in the past few years is the advent of the smartphone. The smartphone allows business travellers real-time access to their emails, partaking in conference calls while on the go and access to company databases wherever they are in the world. New smartphone apps also allow business travellers to track flight delays, local traffic conditions and local amenities such as best restaurants and directions to locations when they are in unfamiliar areas. These features allow for a more efficient and holistic business travel experience for executives who are always on the go.
Some of the apps that a business traveller must have include Talk to Me -this app translates what you are saying into a language of your choice in real-time, allowing you to for example ask for directions in German or explain complicated commands in French. This is a must-have for business travellers who travel to several locations that speak different languages. Another cool app designed specifically for executive travellers is TripIT, this app is a dashboard that tracks your movements, itineraries, points, miles and much more and allows you to share this information with your team members. The app also gives you access to your team members itinerary on your smartphone regardless of your location in the world.
Another application that is revolutionising business travel is Box.net. Box.net allows businesses to share documents and files in a format accessible on smartphones from anywhere in the world! So, if you are in Dublin in the Airport awaiting your cab to take you to a presentation that you have in an hour and your team wants to make some changes to your presentation, they can simply update the information on Box.net, and you can review the updates in real-time on your Box.net application. This allows the business executive to be always prepared for that meeting or presentation and increases their chances of closing business deals. Apps such as Aloqa and Yelp enables executive travellers to locate the best dining options and hotspots in any location if they want to explore and enjoy themselves a little in their downtime.
One of the most annoying aspects of business travel over the years has been expenses and ensuring that you have all your receipts for all your purchases on your trip for your expense report. Expensify is an application that allows you to scan your receipts with your smartphone camera; this makes creating your expense report a seamless process at the end of your trip, just a few taps on your smartphone does the trick!
These are some of the innovative new technologies for executive travellers that are significantly reducing the stress levels of the business traveller while resulting in more efficient and productive business trips.