Does the person special in your life do a lot of traveling? Business travelers have to while away a lot of hours sitting in planes trains and automobiles. They are burdened down with a lot of luggage and often have to while away the hours in waiting areas.

Here are some great gift ideas for the traveler in your life:

Miniatures – everything & anything, but in a small / miniature size. Perfumes, aftershaves, deodorants & shaving foams all serve to lighten the load for the weary traveller. Miniature bottles of genuine malt whisky and other alcoholic spirits help your travel ling buddy to relax before and after a flight!

Hand Held Console – this is great for whiling away the hours whilst waiting patiently for the delayed flight / train. Make sure you include the best shoot and kill games for those who are highly stressed.

Travel & Neck Pillows – these are great for sleeping or relaxing on a long journey. Make sure you include a bottle of therapeutic oils that ease the stress and strains of the rat race. It is definitely worth spending a little more and buying one that stays inflated and lasts for several trips.

Blow up Balls (not dolls!) – These are great for keeping fit whilst stuck in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. It is amazing the range of exercises a keep fit enthusiast can do with just a blow up ball!

Luxury Hot Water Bottle – Ideal for cold nights in under heated hotels.

Grooming Kit – Make sure it has all the essential high quality grooming aids. This way when they return after a long journey they will still look good enough to jump in bed with!

Music player – Any small media player. It can play all their favorite tracks and it can store up to five hours of video and TV shows. This will serve to keep the bored traveller entertained for hours at a time.

Latest Digital Camera – These are now so good… who needs an old fashioned camera with film? Make sure it has a built in flash and a decent memory card.

Sunglasses – Who would not appreciate a pair of designer shades? You need to know your partner really well to figure out which design will suit their face shape without them being present.

Satellite Navigation System – If your partner drives a lot and does not have one of these, then this gift will blow away any doubts that they ever had about you…

Annual Multi-trip Travelers Insurance – If you have been together a long time and romance is no longer an issue… then why not buy them a practical gift? This gift will also serve to ease your worries about who will pay the bills if anything happens to your loved one!

A really romantic idea is to have their gift waiting for them when they finally reach their hotel room. Have their favourite bottle of wine or some lovely flowers delivered on the day of their arrival and their face will light up when they reach their destination.