If you are in the bustling city of London and you are seeking a private retreat for a Chinese lunch or dinner, the place to go is the Hakkasan Hanway Place Restaurant. This Michelin star restaurant is one of the best places to dine in the entire city of London, you will enjoy the very best of Chinese cuisine here. We will examine some of the reasons why the Hakkasan Hanway Place Restaurant is such a highlight in the epicurean scene in London. 

Consistency in quality of food and service delivery

The Hakkasan Hanway Place restaurant has been operational since 2001 and gained Michelin star designation in 2003. The restaurant has maintained its Michelin star status since by consistently providing tasty and quality dishes, coupled with world-class service from the well-trained staff and the presentation of the meals. This has resulted in countless awards and excellent reviews of the restaurant and a constant stream of repeat customers. The Hakkasan Hanway has developed a reputation as one of London’s best fine dining restaurant and is one of the first places that is recommended if you are seeking to dine at a Michelin star restaurant that has been around for a while. Some of the awards that the Hakkasan Hanway Place has won includes; Restaurant’s Magazine Oriental Restaurant of the Year, Restaurant’s Magazine Top 50 Restaurants in the World and Time Out’s second favourite restaurant in London. 

One of the best wine lists in London

One of the pleasures of fine dining is the ability to pair your meals with the most suitable wines. The Hakkasan Hanway Place Restaurant gives you one of the most varied wine lists in the entire city of London, and you will also have the services of a Sommelier to help you select the best wine pairing for your meal! This attention to detail is what makes dining at Hakkasan Hanway Place second to none and is one of the reasons why the restaurant was awarded the Imbibe Wine List of the year in 2011 and 2013. 

Perfect for Group Dining

The Hakkasan Hanway Place Restaurant is one of the top spots in London for private events and group dining. With its spacious private dining spaces and a compelling variety of menus, the restaurant provides your group with everything they need for a perfect dining experience. You qualify as a group if at least eight (8) people are dining together with you. The Ling Ling dining area is ideal for small exclusive groups, and the Ling Ling Lounge can host private groups of up to twenty (20) people. 

Vibrant Entertainment

A visit to the Hakkasan Hanway Place Restaurant not only provides you with one of the best dining experiences in London but also thrilling entertainment! The music, the design and the type of lighting in the restaurant create the perfect party vibe for you just to unwind and have some fun while having some of the best Chinese food in the city. This combination of good food and entertainment sets the Hakkasan Hanway Place Restaurant apart in London. 

Finally, if you enjoy dining in a Michelin star Chinese restaurant that has accumulated many accolades for the quality of service and food that it offers- the Hakkasan Hanway Place Restaurant is the place for you! So, when next you visit the alluring city of London, a visit to this restaurant should be on your bucket list of things to do.