The Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport is the gateway to the world-renowned Olbia and Costa Smeralda resort cities in Italy, which are some of the most exclusive and stunningly beautiful places to visit in all of Europe.

The Costa Smeralda stretch was developed in the 1960s and is regarded as one of the architectural marvels of the world due to its classic design; the city is today a haven for the rich and famous. The Costa Smeralda Airport added a highly sophisticated terminal in the early 2000s which is the home base of the only Fixed Based Operator (FBO) in the Airport. The name of this top quality FBO is Eccelsa Aviation, Eccelsa Aviation is strategically located less than four kilometres away from the exclusive Marina di Olbia which provides berthing and other services to all types of Yachts that visit the opulent Olbia and Costa Smeralda region.

Eccelsa Aviation provides a private transfer service for these high-end vacationers between the Eccelsa Aviation Terminal and the Marina which allow five-star holidaymakers to start their vacations in no time, also eliminating the need for inconveniences such as long drives and helicopter transfers. This transfer service that Eccelsa Aviation provides is appreciated by the high-end clientele who generally lead hectic lives and want to get their vacation going as quickly as possible. 

Large array of jets available including
B737’s, A319’s and A320’s

The Eccelsa Aviation Terminal was opened in 2009 and is an architectural masterpiece in its own right; from above, the terminal looks like a massive aircraft door, and from the ground level, it seems to rise skywards like giant wings. The terminal provides relaxation and comfort for passengers, numbering over 35,000 annually that fly into the Costa Smeralda Airport to get to the beautiful Costa Smeralda and Olbia stretch of beach and sea for their dream vacation.

Eccelsa Aviation is controlled by the Geasar SpA Airport Management Company and has embraced its role of providing professional service with a touch of charm for its discerning and celebrity clients. All forty-five team members at Eccelsa Aviation embrace the “culture of service” and possess a problem-solving attitude which is necessary to ensure the best customer experience to their high-end clientele.

The team is led by the vibrant General Manager Francesco Cossu.  Mr Cossu recently said in an interview that “ Our passenger numbers and plane movements have doubled since the company launched in 2003, and with that the overall variety of requests that we find ourselves having to satisfy” He continued “ After all, in the industry of service, service is everything and within boundaries of legality, goodwill and common sense we always try to please our customers and to make sure that they leave our premises happy  and satisfied, whether they are arriving at the Island or going back home. We are all very much aware that our tourists are not only for Eccelsa and the Airport but also for the entire territory, the real asset”. 

Business executive meeting a client after private jet flight

The number of high-end visitors to the Costa Smeralda region are growing steadily. The visitors come from all over the world to enjoy the relaxation provided by super Yachts and also experience the romantic and exclusive villas and hotels along the pristine Costa Smeralda stretch. It is the influx of these high-end visitors that created the need for high-end shopping facilities at the Costa Smeralda Airport.

The Eccelsa Terminal now includes over 4000 square metres of retail space, including a wide array of luxury brands such as; De Grisogono, Provasi Luxury furniture, high-end men and women’s shoes and clothing. There are also designer sunglasses available, fine wines and selected food products from the Sardinia region, mainland Italy and some of the most exclusive food locations in Europe. The terminal also includes a San Marino Aircraft Registry office and an Architectural Studio Gallery which is particularly popular in the summer months. These additional offerings enhance the appeal of the Eccelsa Terminal, which improves the overall experience of the guests that use the Costa Smeralda Airport. 

One of the things that make the Eccelsa Terminal unique in Europe is the outer wing that allows guests to enter and exit the terminal directly from their aircraft. In the few instances when they are not able to do so, customers will be transported the short distance aboard the sleek Audi airport vehicle, while the professional team will take care of your luggage for you! This gigantic wing provides cover for even large executive jets like the B737’s, A319’s and A320’s; these jets now make up about 5% of the aircraft traffic handled by Eccelsa.

The busiest months for the Costa Smeralda Airport are July and August due to the higher number of visitors in summer, nevertheless, even in the very peak season, Eccelsa Staff are able to accommodate all requests, managing the available ramp space accurately and making sure to fit all aircraft landing at Olbia Airport. Eccelsa Aviation offers privacy, security and comfort to these exclusive private aircraft passengers which are services appreciated by this type of client. Additionally, Eccelsa in conjunction with the Marina di Olbia provides a discreet Limousine service that whisks passengers away to their Yachts as soon as they touch down. Helicopter services are also provided for customers that have Yachts with a helipad and also to transport clients to their villa of choice along the Costa Smeralda stretch.

Eccelsa Aviation also offers concierge service to its opulent clients, organising anything from horseback riding, yacht charters, private aircraft or helicopters, Ferrari, Bentley or Aston Martin rentals, among many other exclusive services. Also, through its sister company Cortesa, Eccelsa provides in-flight catering, offering a menu with over 100 dishes and top-notch fine wines to go with it. The terminal also includes a coffee shop and bar that serves food throughout the day, allowing all visitors waiting in the FBO the opportunity to have a nice meal and a drink while they relax and wait for their aircraft to be ready to fly.

Eccelsa Aviation also offers ground handling services through a partnership with Meridiana Maintenance; these services include; providing shelter for private planes for the entire duration of the stay of visitors and providing integrated services for flight crews such as refuelling and servicing of aircrafts. 

Eccelsa Aviation is one of the reasons why people keep coming back to the Costa Smeralda region due to the high level of services that they provide to the discerning visitors. They make the trip so much easier and help to create a once in a lifetime and exclusive experience for all visitors.