Have you ever wondered about the possibility of experiencing a world-class train service in the continent of Africa that rivals and even supersedes what is available in Europe and North America? If you have, the Blue Train of South Africa is exactly what you are looking for. The Blue Train has been operating in South Africa since 1923 and has over the years developed a reputation as a luxury train service that offers the very best in the business. We will look at the history of the Blue Train and some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you use this luxury train service. 

Welcome Aboard

History of the Blue Train

The Blue Train was first developed in the early 1920s to provide transportation for passengers from Johannesburg to Cape Town who needed to get on departing ships. In these early days, the train service was known as the Union Express. After a break in service in 1939 due to World War II, the service was re-established in 1946, and the name was changed to the Blue Train due to the blue-painted steel carriages on the train. The Blue Train has always been at the forefront of offering luxury inclusions to its guests, from as early as the 1930s they offered air-conditioned cabins and luxury dining saloons. 

What services are available to you on the Blue Train?

When you book a trip on a Blue Train, you will be amazed and in awe of what is available to you! From Butler service, fine dining, luxury suites, a well-equipped gift shop to a stunning lounge and bar, the Blue Train is comparable to a 5-Star resort, except that you have the added benefit of mobility. This makes the Blue Train experience unique and worthwhile for discerning guests. Your Butler is at your beckon call for the entire duration of the journey and will ensure that your Blue Train experience is seamless and memorable. He will assist you with room service requests for meals and drinks, assist you in getting settled into your suite and help you with just about any request while you are on board! When you experience Butler service on the Blue Train, you will be disappointed that other train services do not offer the service! Also, all suites on the Blue Train includes individually controlled air-conditioning, a flat screen TV, DVD Player and DVDs, a safe to store your valuables and a choice of a double bed, twin beds or a queen bed. You will need to make your bedding request at the time when making your reservation for a seamless process. WiFi service is also available in all suites and throughout the Blue Train. 

Top-notch dining is also included in your Blue Train experience. Breakfast is at your leisure, lunch and dinner are usually served in two sittings to ensure ultimate comfort. The dress code for dinner is elegant in keeping with the luxury theme of the Blue Train. There is also a fully equipped gift shop on board the Blue Train that is equipped with a wide assortment of souvenir items, jewellery pieces and gift options. It is always a great idea to grab something on your travels that will serve as memorabilia! 

Luxury dining can be enjoyed on the Blue Train with butler service

What routes does the Blue Train Service?

The Blue Train currently only offer regular service from Cape Town to Pretoria and the return trip. This is a two-day journey both ways that is comparable to a luxurious vacation experience! The Blue Train is also available for charters for events such as parties, weddings, conferences or just about any social event. Contact the Blue Train Reservations Team for more details. 

Finally, some experiences will stay in your memories for a lifetime, and a trip on one of the famous Blue Trains of South Africa is surely one of these!