Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and is one of the most developed and bustling cities in the entire continent of Asia. The city is known for its modern skyscrapers, exciting cultural heritage juxtaposed against ancient Buddhist Temples, palaces and street-side markets. When you visit the city of Seoul, you will surely experience the best of both worlds- both modern charm and ancient beauty. Getting around the city of Seoul to enjoy all the beautiful attractions and experiences is a breeze if you choose to travel by the Seoul Metro System. We will explore why the Seoul Metro system is regarded as one of the best in the world.

What is the Seoul Metro System?

The Seoul Metro System is a network of railway systems, totalling 22 lines, inclusive of rapid transit lines, light metro lines, commuter rails and people mover lines. This Metro network includes 746 stations and covers the entire metropolitan area of Seoul, the Incheon area and some of the cities of Gyeonggi province. The Seoul Metro System has been operational since 1974 and, transported 1.91 billion people in 2017. The main network consists of lines 1-9 which covers 331.5 km of track, serving the city of Seoul and then some additional railways that extend outside of the city. The Seoul Metro System is owned by the government of South Korea and operated by three companies- Seoul Metro, Korail National Railroad and Metro 9 and operates between the hours of 5:30 am to 1 am. This means that the Metro System is not available for just over 4 hours for the day!

Why is the Seoul Metro System so good?

The Seoul Metro system is regarded as one of the best in the world because of factors such as efficiency, technology and safety. The system is extremely efficient because of the wide network of lines and the speed of trains (maximum speed of over 60 miles per hour), you can get where you want to go in the city in a short period which gives you more time to enjoy what the alluring city has to offer. The trains and transits are always on time which allows you to plan your itineraries more efficiently.

SEOUL, KOREA – FEBRUARY 19, 2017 – Defocused image of Entrance of Hongdae Subway station

Also, the technology that is available to you throughout the entire Seoul Metro Network is second to none- all trains include free-WIFI and internet services allowing you to catch up with the latest happenings around the world, answer an important business email or share your Seoul Metro Experience on social media live! The technology available to you makes the journey more enjoyable and seamless. In addition to world-class technology and efficient service, the Seoul Metro system also has an impeccable track record of safety. One of the things that contribute to this exemplary safety record is the fact that every train station has a protective fence between the platform and tracks which helps to prevent suicides and accidents. This means you can use the Seoul Metro System and feel safe while enjoying WIFI service and getting to your destination within Seoul in an efficient manner.

Cost-effective Travel

The Seoul Metro System offers efficient travel at very competitive prices compared to other similar metro services in other countries. There is a basic fare of 1250 won (approximately £1) which allows you to travel 10km and then an additional 100 won (approximately 7p) for every additional 5km on most of the lines. The trains are also clean and well maintained, allowing you to travel the city of Seoul in comfort without breaking the bank! This exemplifies what a Metro Service should be all about. So, the next time your travels take you to Seoul, South Korea, you should make the Seoul Metro System a part of your experience!