Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas is simply the most outstanding resort in the Caribbean. The design of this resort is an engineering marvel and sets a precedent for mega-resorts that the Caribbean might want to explore in the future. Atlantis resort is one of the main economic drivers in Paradise Island, including over 3400 rooms, the world’s largest open-air marine environment, a spectacular waterslide complex, the largest casino in the Caribbean and a 14-acre Dolphin habitat among many other world-class amenities. We will highlight some of the unique features and amenities of Atlantis Paradise Island that sets the resort apart in the Caribbean.

The largest Resort in the Caribbean

The Atlantis Resort offers over 3400 rooms and suites, making it the largest single resort development in terms of available rooms in the Caribbean. This resort has a room for everyone-from luxury suites such as the famous Bridge Suite that is made up of 10 unique rooms with specially designed amenities. This suite has hosted many celebrities and also featured in box-office Hollywood films. There are other luxury suites such as the Presidential Suites, Royal Suite, Regal Suites, Cove Suites and Reef Suites. The availability of such an abundance of suites makes the Atlantis Resort the perfect place to stay for the discerning traveller who demands the absolute best. Also, Atlantis offers several entry-level rooms that make the luxurious resort accessible to even the most budget-conscious traveller. The fact that there are over 3400 rooms on offer makes Atlantis means that you can invite all your family and friends when hosting your grand reunion at the Atlantis Resort. This widescale availability of rooms is one of the unique features of the Atlantis resort that sets it apart from all other resorts in the Bahamas and by extension the Caribbean.

Largest Man-made Aquarium in the World

Imagine an Aquarium that includes over 50,000 animal species and spans 14 lagoons! This is what you get when you visit the massive man-made Aquarium at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. You will find Sharks, Barracudas, Sting Rays and a wide variety of other marine animals. You will get the opportunity to swim with these beautiful marine creatures and also to feed them if you are so inclined. This experience seems surreal, especially when you look at the sheer size of the aquarium and the fact that you can get close to these beautiful marine creatures without having to go diving or snorkelling in the sea. The man-made aquarium is one of the most compelling attractions on offer at Atlantis Resort – it will be worth your while to visit just to see this wondrous man-made creation!

The Caribbean’s Premier Casino

If you are a fan of casino gaming, there is no better place to enjoy this activity than at the Caribbean’s best Casino. This Casino is located at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. The Atlantis Casino takes advantage of the latest technological innovations, allowing you to use your room key to start playing at any of the 700 slot machines or 85 gaming tables. The Atlantis Casino also provides complimentary lessons daily, allowing you to learn the latest tricks in Casino gaming, allowing you to play your favourite game with more confidence and freedom. All of the casinos are state of the art machines and are colourfully designed to create the best possible casino gaming experience.

Finally, Atlantis Paradise Island Resort provides you with a vacation experience like no other that is unique in every sense of the word. Whether you want to enjoy the experience of being a guest at the largest resort in the Caribbean, explore the largest man-made aquarium in the world or try your luck at the Caribbean’s best casino, you will have so much to explore and experience when you book a trip to the Atlantis Resort in Paradise Island, Bahamas.