The city of Dubai will come alive in 2020 when it hosts the world while staging the dynamic and captivating Expo 2020. Over 190 countries have so far confirmed their participation at this global event and the aim of the Expo as the theme suggest is “Connecting minds, Creating the Future”. This is where the world will discover new technologies, more efficient methods of doing things and celebrating the many different cultures in the world. Expo 2020 will last for six months starting from October 2020 and concluding on April 10, 2021, allowing everyone to enjoy the many offerings and to immerse themselves in the Dubai way of life. Expo 2020 will no doubt provide a unique experience for you if choose to participate, we will highlight some of the entertainment and culinary experiences that will have you yearning for more at Expo 2020.

Non-stop Entertainment

Expo 2020 will provide you with the entertainment experience of a lifetime! Whether you enjoy live shows, global cultural celebrations, arts and culture or activities geared towards health and happiness, you will be thrilled by what will be available to you at Expo 2020. There will be live performances daily by some of the best locally and internationally acclaimed artists. So, whether you go in October or April, you still will be thoroughly entertained by the performers at Expo 2020. The live shows will go on throughout the Expo with the aim of providing world-Class entertainment to all patrons. Another entertainment experience that you will savour at Expo 2020 is the many global cultural celebrations that will light up the Expo. With over 190 countries participating in the event, the cultural celebrations will reflect the diversity of our world and celebrate this. Expo 2020 will host a National Day celebration for all the over 190 countries participating in the event, allowing you to enjoy world culture in a way that you have never experienced it before!

If you still desire more entertainment – no problem! Expo 2020 will also provide you with a high dosage of modern art and fashion. You can enjoy the digital theatres which will be streaming all your favourite movies, explore the many fashion shows that will highlight the latest trends in the sophisticated fashion industry or learn the latest dance moves and acrobatics from some of the best in the business. Expo 2020 will highlight the best trends in modern art and culture from all over the world!

Expo 2020 will also encourage the spirit of curiosity and amazement that young people in particular have. One of the things that will be particularly exciting is the “make your own robot workshop” where you will learn how to create a robot with the features and skills that you desire. This is an amazing experience that will excite the younger people and encourage innovation which is highly desired in this modern world.

Global Culinary Experience

One of the ways to truly experience a culture is through food. Each culture in our diverse world has some unique dishes that set it apart. At Expo 2020, there will be over 50 different world cuisines available at over 200 food outlets. An estimated 300,000 types of meals will be served daily! Are you salivating yet? You will have the opportunity to try a totally different cuisine for every meal, you can enjoy your favourite Italian meal for breakfast and your favourite Japanese meal for lunch. This culinary experience is one that you have never experienced at one location in your life before and probably will not experience anywhere again! This is truly a global dining experience that you should definitely savour when you visit Expo 2020 in Dubai!

Finally, Expo 2020 in Dubai will bring together the movers and shakers of our world to put forward ways in which our globe can be a better place in the future. You will also be thoroughly entertained and fed from the best cuisines in our world. Surely, Expo 2020 is an event that you should experience!