Port Muziris, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel is an exclusive and unique property located on the
unspoiled Kerala Coast in southwestern India. This beautiful resort is a member of the
prestigious Marriott Hotels, Tribute Portfolio Brand. Hotels that wear the Tribute Portfolio tag
are known for unique designs, lively social spaces, sincere service, and emphasizes human
connection. Port Muziris Kochi offers all of these experiences and many more and is the perfect
hideaway for the modern traveller who continually seeks new and different experiences. The fact
that this boutique hotel is a Tribute Portfolio branded property makes visiting even more
appealing since guests will receive the full benefits of the Marriot Loyalty program (Marriott
Bonvoy) when they take a trip to the alluring Port Muziris Kochi! But what are some of the
things that set this hotel apart from a regular hotel? Why should you visit Port Muziris Kochi?
Continue reading, and you will find out why you will absolutely enjoy the Port Muziris

Cultural significance
Port Muziris Kochi got its name from the ancient Port Muziris which was located in the vicinity
of where the hotel is today and was a meeting point for people of different cultures, namely
Persians, Egyptians, Chines and Greek. They would socialize and share their diverse cultural
experiences while they met to conduct trade. It is this history of cultural exchange and human
connection that inspired the owners of the Port Muziris Hotel to create a hotel that offered people
from all over the world an environment that fostered sincere human interaction and connections.
Port Muziris Hotel believes in the power of relationships. All staff members will readily engage
guests in conversation, which makes the environment light, interactive and reminiscent of a
private home and not a hotel. This unique cultural and social experience that guests are exposed
to at Port Muziris Kochi was borne out of the ancient Port Muziris culture.

Unique Architecture, design, and art
Another feature of Port Muziris Hotel that makes it appealing to the modern traveller is the
unique design and architecture of the property. The entrance to the hotel is a porch that is
surrounded by a lush garden; this design is reminiscent of Dutch colonial residencies and is one
of the standout design features of the hotel. Each room is adorned with locally inspired artwork
and blends old-world Kerala charm with a modern touch; each room provides guests with a
unique experience. There are captivating art collections from at least fourteen of the best local
artists including Elwin Charley, Jayesh Sivan, Shahul Kollengode and Vishnu M Nair. The
artwork created by these artists speaks to the history and traditions of the Kerala Coast, and you
will experience this directly when you visit the Port Muziris Hotel.

The Lobby of Port Muziris, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel

Exciting and Unique dining options
Port Muziris, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel is also a great place to visit if you enjoy dining, especially
if you enjoy unique cuisines. Lila’s Kitchen serves some tasty locally -inspired dishes and you
can grab a quick bite at Kettle and also any of your favourite drinks. You will have the
opportunity to enjoy a different local meal everything single day of your stay, which is one of the
highlights of any stay at Port Muziris Kochi.

Central Location
Port Muziris, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel is located just 300 metres from the Cochin International
Airport which makes it the perfect place to stay whether you are conducting a quick fly in and
out trip or you just want to be close to the airport. Also, several of the best attractions in the
Kerala area are in the vicinity of Port Muziris Kochi. Port Muziris Kochi serves as the gateway
for a unique Kerala experience.

Finally, Port Muziris Kochi provides guests with a wide-ranging experience infused with culture,
dining, art, and amazing designs. This is definitely a hotel that you want to visit if you enjoy
unique boutique hotels in exotic locations!