COVID-19 has come to stay, or so it seems. As more people are coming to terms with this reality, a growing number are seeing the private jet charter sector as a viable alternative to the usual commercial airlines, simply because private jet charters are low-risk, flexible, and hassle-free. 

Why private jet charters are the more attractive option

When it comes to chartering a private jet, businesses are usually the primary clientele, however, families are now getting in on the action.  This option is more attractive because of the privacy, luxury, and convenience on offer. In addition to these, safety is another important benefit and the major reason why a lot of people who have hitherto never flown private are now approaching private charter companies.

On a traditional commercial flight, there are as many as 700 points of contact through check-in to arrival. However, for charter flights, the figure can be as low as 20. Passengers don’t have to queue up at check-in, boarding, or baggage claim. Besides, there are considerably fewer people at the private terminals. And once passengers board the aircraft, they have the whole cabin to themselves. Everyone within the aviation industry is taking the Coronavirus pandemic very seriously, so cabins are strictly and fully disinfected while pilots and crew undergo frequent tests.

Corporate Clients and Leisure

For corporate clients, it’s imperative that the chief executive officers and other employees travel, even though there is a reduction in the number of conferences or sports-and-entertainment events. A lot of firms are reluctant to travel with commercial airlines because of delays, cancellations, or the fear of compromising safety, so they are taking advantage of the more cost-effective option; private charters.

In the world of private-jet charters, executive airliners are the best. The majority of them are equipped with lounge areas, business and conference centres, and private suites suitable for doing business in the air. Flying private is the best option for anyone looking for safe, dependable travel.

Apart from businesses, families are also enjoying the benefits of travelling by private jet charters. They can see the advantages of coming together with other family members to split the costs and go on vacation. They can come with their pets without making any extra arrangements, avoid queues, and fly direct. Private jet chartering provides the best in risk-free travelling.

More Affordable

A lot of people are now more inclined to fly private because prices are becoming more reasonable. Besides the great prices, passengers can also take advantage of empty-leg flights as long as their flight dates are flexible and they require one-way flights. This can result in as much as 75 percent in cost savings from the usual private jet charter costs.

Travelling by private jet charter has grown from a luxury service to a safe, reliable, and flexible means of travel for business or pleasure. Moreover, private flights are available in spite of travel restrictions.

Once we can travel freely again, travellers would most likely fly less, but to more exciting destinations. Then, safety and flying responsibly would be of utmost importance.